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The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964)

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964) + clip compilation ♫♥ 56 YEARS AGO

♥♫ JULY 2020 - 56 YEARS AGO this month (in 1964), The Animals' ground-breaking and legendary single 'House of the Rising Sun' reaches #1 position in the UK charts. Thank you, The Animals, for your great version of this song! Please give them a big thumbs up! ♥♫

MAY 18, 2020 - 56 YEARS AGO (in 1964) The Animals recorded House of the Rising Sun at De Lane Lea Studios, Kingsway, London. Happy Anniversary to this beautiful great recording and thanks to The Animals for their musical gifts to the world .♥♫☺

Eric Burdon - vocals
Hilton Valentine - guitar
Alan Price - keyboards
Chas Chandler - bass
John Steel - drums

☺ This video my loving compilation in tribute to The Animals and their ground-breaking, legendary hit single 'House of the Rising Sun' (1964). ♥♫

Please excuse the sync errors on this video, sorry! I no longer like my compilation and wanted to delete it but I can't do this as there are so many views and comments now. Just enjoy the music :-)

♥♫☺ Please read this great blog by The Daily Guru about The Animals and their rousing version of House of the Rising Sun:
Pretty much summs up perfectly how I feel about The Animals too and just how important this great band was.

November 26, 2013 - 50th Anniversary CD box set released! Available for purchase on Amazon and many other outlets:

NEW! August 12, 2014 - 'The Best of The Animals' on clear VINYL released! Beautifully remastered and available for purchase on Amazon and many other outlets:

Please visit my tribute channel devoted to The Animals:

Please read a brief history of 'House of the Rising Sun'

♥ In memory of bass player, Chas Chandler.

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