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Kто это? Александр II или Христиан IX?

Оригинал взят у lady_dalet в Kто это? Александр II или Христиан IX?
На ниже предложенных фото Христиан IX и Александр III вместе с другими членами семьи.

Children, spouses and grandchildren of King Christian IX: Standing Christian IX, George I of Greece, Czar Nicholas II, Czar Alexander of Russia, Frederik VIII, Prince Hans, Lovisa of Sweden, King Gustav of Sweden, Princess Victoria of Britain. Sitting Queen Alexandra of Britain, Queen Louise of Denmark, Czarina Maria Feodorovna (Empress Dagmar), and Prince Michael of Russia. Sitting in front: Prince Andreas of Greece, Princesses Thyra and Ingeborg

Sitting from left: Christian X, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, Grand Duke Michael Alexandrowitch, Prince Harald, Princess Louise, Prince Carl (Haakon VII). Standing two boys in sailor dress: Nikolaj Alexandrowitch (Nicholas II) and Grand Duke George Alexandrowitch. Nrxt row: King Christian IX, Queen Louise, Their daugthers Thyra (of Cumberland), Dagmar (Empess Maria of Russia) and Queen Alexandra of Britain. The young lady holding hands with Grand Duke Michael is Princess Maud of Britain, later to be married to Carl,, siting in front of her. Last row: Empress Alexander of Russia, Queen Olga of Greece, King George I of Greece, unknown , Princess Louise of Britain (Duchess of Fife), Prince Valdemar, unknown, Princess Victoria of Britain, Frederik VIII, Prince Hans, and Princess Lovisa. 1883

Duke Wilhelm of Glücksburg's fourth son, who became Kingh Christian IX of Denmark, with two of his brothers and members of his own family in around 1869; (behind) Wilhjelm of Glücksburg; Alexandra Princess of Wales, King Christian IX; Princess Dagmar, Tsarevna Maria Feodorovna of Russia; The Prince of Wales, Prince Johannes (Hans) of Glücksburg; Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. (centre) Prince George of Wales, Grand Duke Nikolai Alexandrovich; Queen Louise of Denmark holding her granddaughter Princess Louise of Wales; Louise, Crown Princess of Denmark. (seated on the ground) Princess Thyra of Denmark; Prince Albert Victor of Wales; Prince Waldemar of Denmark.
[from SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN - A Family Album]

Вот здесь Александр 3 очень похож на еврея

На видео

Peter Lars Petersen (Elfelt) was assigned to take photographs at a royal event. He also shot these informal moving images of, among others: King Christian IX, Empress Dowager Dagmar, Czar Nikolai II, Princess Alexandra, Prince Edward, King Georg of Greece, Prince Valdemar and Princess Marie.

Prince Valdemar, Prince Frederik VIII, his wife Louise -Tsesarevna and Tsarevich of Russia- Marie and Alexander, Queen Louise of Denmark, Queen Olga and King George I of the Hellenes, the Princess of Wales (Alexandra), King Christian IX

Photo of future Tsar Alexander III with his wife Maria Feodorovna and her sister future Queen Alexandra of Denmark, London, 1880s.

Александр III

Александр II и за спиной сын Александр III

Александр III

Учимся позировать, Александр II

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